Energy consumption has been a growing concern over the past few decades, and limiting solar heat gain and energy loss through glazing has become a priority in the glass industry.

Heating and air conditioning account for up to 70% of a buildings’ total energy costs. Glass has a major role to play here. Over half of all the energy consumed in buildings for heating, hot water, air conditioning, and lighting can be halved by simply insulating them. With regards to the glass, there are two areas where glass technology is already available. Firstly, solar control glass to reduce air conditioning costs and curb heating and cooling costs with thermally insulated glass.

C&C Safety Glass boasts a wide range of thermally insulating coated glass products from all the leading glass manufacturers in the world.

Energy Saving Glazing Technology has improved dramatically in recent years, with the net result of lowering your energy costs. Tinted glass has long been used in commercial buildings to reduce heat gain through windows. Improved, lightly tinted windows are becoming more common for the commercial market in southern (cooling-dominated) climates. The new generation glass products with Double Silver Low E Coatings reduce solar heat gain without reducing visibility as much as older tinted glass.

Additionally, C&C Safety Glass has full capability to process superior high-performance glazing solutions with Triple Silver Low E Coatings.

The high level of light transmission maximizes natural light, yielding all the benefits of large indoor spaces bathed in light year round. The very low solar factor reduces solar heat gain, resulting in significantly lower air conditioning costs. The selectivity (ratio of light transmission to solar factor) is always higher than 2. The superb thermal insulation due to the low U Value attained, minimises energy losses, resulting in major energy savings.

This latest Low E coating technology incorporates three silver layers and multiple ceramic layers, which can offer as much as 70% visible light transparency and 30% better thermal performance compared to “Double Silver Low E coatings”.

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