Page Specification

 SEVEN Two dedicated Monolithic cutting tables with edge deleting for soft coated Low E glass.
These tables cut a maximum sheet size 3 210 mm x 6 000 mm.
Two dedicated laminated glass cutting tables capable of cutting a sheet size up to 3 210 mm x 6 000 mm.
 FOUR Bright polish up to 50 mm multi-laminated glass.
Glass edges can be bright polished with an angle of up to 45 degrees.
These machines are best suited to polish non-standard glass sizes.
 SEVEN The CNC department can shape bright polish glass to a maximum size of 2 300 mm x 4 000 mm
and thickness from 4 mm to 19 mm.
Almost any sized hole can be drilled or routed in monolithic glass with CNC accuracy.
These machines can router hinge cut-outs or centre cut-outs with CNC machine precision and quality.
 ONE The only Vertical Polishing Machine in South Africa that can polish up to a maximum size of 5m x 2.7m
This polishing machine is ideal for processing high performance, soft coated glass for safe material handling
as the glass is only held on the non-coated surface thereby eliminating the incidence of coating damage.
It includes automated polishing and drilling from 3mm to 19mm.
DOUBLE EDGING MACHINE ONE The Double Edging machine is a high volume and high precision polish machine with an in-line
washing machine.
HIGH SPEED BELT-SANDER ONE This glass sanding machine has four diamond belt sanding heads for high speed, high volume arising
of glass edges.
DRILLING FIVE Two horizontal drilling machines for high volume, standard glass products.
Three vertical drilling machines are specifically used for architectural glass and large panels.
Hole diameters start from 5 mm up to 200 mm.
 FOUR Screen print glass to a maximum size of 1 500 mm x 3 200 mm.
These machines can print various colours and a wide range of designs on glass. We print glass for
the automotive, industrial and architectural market. Dependent on the design, we are geared to print
up to three paint colours on a pane of glass. Line and dot patterns are popular in the architectural industry.
We only use non-organic paint that is fired into the glass at 670ºC during the toughening process, however
we are also able to produce various pattern designs.
 ONE Colourshield – backpainted glass is produced in an almost limitless range of RAL colours.
We use a non-organic paint that is fired at 670ºC which bonds to the glass, making it
a highly durable product for the architectural market for spandrels.
The range of colours are produced from the RAL colour codes.
Based on sufficient volumes, our customers are able to specify a colour which we produce accordingly.
 ONE The digital printer offers highly durable and extremely accurate printing with the ability to print on position
1 and 2 for architectural applications.
In addition to printing standard dot and line designs, the Dip-Tech printer can also print detailed artworks.
Extreme accuracy in printing double dots i.e black on white dots. There is no movement of the glass whilst
the first colour is applied which dries immediately and directly thereafter the second colour is applied to the
glass, thereby achieving perfect registration.
The maximum size we can produce is 4 000 mm x 2 450 mm, in all RAL colours.
INTERMAC WATERJET CUTTER ONE The Intermac CNC Waterjet cutting machine cuts through glass up to 120 mm in thickness, at a
maximum size of 2 030 mm x 4 200 mm.
The Waterjet cutter is mostly used to cut holes in glass, however this machine has the capability
of cutting any shape or design.
CONVECTION FURNACE ONE Capability to toughen flat glass up to 2 450 x 5 000 from 4 mm to 19 mm thickness.
Produces curved glass with a maximum size of 2 400 mm x 2 400 mm from 5 mm to 19 mm in thickness.
A convection furnace has the advantage of toughening 25% faster than conventional radiation furnaces.
The convection furnace is ideally suited to toughen high performance soft coated Low E glass.
 ONE This radiation furnace toughens flat glass with a maximum glass size of 2 000 mm x 3 600 mm
from 4 mm to 19 mm thickness.
Glass can be bent from 3.5 mm to 12 mm to a maximum size of 2 000 mm x 1 000 mm arch
and a minimum radius of 475 mm.
 ONE Maximum size of 2 200 mm x 3 200 mm can be produced.
Thermoshield sealed insulated glazed units of different combinations of raw glass, laminated glass and/or
Safetyshield toughened glass can be glazed together to achieve different objectives of thermal insulation
and noise reduction.
Stock holding of silver aluminium space bars in the following widths: 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16 and 20 mm.
Units are sealed with either polyurethane or silicone.
BULLETSHIELD LINE ONE Used for the manufacture of bullet resistant glass for the architectural, security, and automotive market.
We are able to produce Flat Laminated Safetyshield and Curved Laminated Safetyshield (Toughened
Laminated Glass).