Completed Projects

Project Glass & Make Up Quantity Glass Location
AFGRi Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Grey
Safetyshield Curved Clear
 1 500 m2
300 m2
FiRST nATionAl BAnK Safetyshield Eclipse Advantage Blue Green 1 000 m2 Botswana 
PRemieR hoTel Safetyshield Sunergy Clear 200 m2 Johannesburg 
m&T houSe – hiGh VAlue ReSidenTiAl Safetyshield 6mm Solar E Clear & Laminated 9.38mm
Safetyshield 10mm & 12mm Clear
 Total 1 000 m2 Irene – Pretoria 
AleXAndeR FoRBeS Thermoshield Cool-Lite KNT 140 With Inner D Grey Colourshield
Safetyshield 6mm Privaguard
Safetyshield 10mm Clear
Safetyshield 6mm Clear
Safetyshield 6mm Clear With Frit
 Total 2 500 m2 Sandton 
leSoTho hoSPiTAl Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Bronze 3 000 m2 Lesotho 
mASeRu mAll Safetyshield 12mm Clear Fins 3,2M 450 m2 Lesotho 
GReen PARK Thermoshield SIGU 6mm Grey With Low E Inner
Colourshield Fritted Screenprinted Glass
 Total 2 000 m2 Sandton 
22 WellinGTon RoAd Eclipse Advantage Grey 500 m2 Sandton 
FoRTy on oAKS Safetyshield Clear 15mm & 19mm
6.76mm Clear, Thermoshield SIGU 6mm Clear Low E
 500 m2
3 000 m2
 Melrose Arch 
GRoSVenoR CoRneR Thermoshield Sunergy Green
Safetyshield Sunergy Green
 Total 500 m2 Rosebank 
houSe BoThA Thermoshield 6.38mm Low E Clear – 12mm Gap – 6.38mm Clear 150 m2 Pretoria 
i ToWeRS Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Grey
Safetyshield Clear
 Total 1 500 m2 Botswana 
PATRiCiA RoAd oFFiCe PARK Laminated 8.38mm Pilkington K Lowe
Spandrel – Safetyshield 6mm Solar E Clear
 Total 1 500 m2 Sandton 
GeoloGiCAl oFFiCeS Yiracon Glass Laminated and CTS 400 m2 Botswana 
hoTel TiVolli Thermoshield 4mm Clear – 10mm gap – 4mm Clear 500 m2 Mozambique 
VillA iTAliA Laminated 6.38mm Clear 500 m2 Mozambique 
mAGiC FlooRinG Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Arctic Blue Total 5 000 m2 Botswana 
uniVeRSAl Thermoshield Reflite Arctic Blue – 12mm gap – 6mm Clear
Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Arctic Blue
Safetyshield 5mm Clear
 Total 5 000 m2 Botswana 
GPi – AddeRley STReeT Laminated 20.76mm Acid Etched Glass
Safetyshield 6mm Sunergy Azur
Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Arctic Blue
Laminated 12.76mm Eclipse Advantage Arctic Blue
 Total 1 800 m2 Cape Town 
GRAnd CenTRAl 7.38mm Solar E Clear
7.76mm Grey White Translucent
Thermoshield Solar E Clear With Grey Vinyl
 Total 3 000 m2 Midrand 
STAndARd BAnK Safetyshield 12mm Clear – Internal Glazing 500 m2 Rosebank 
SAndTon CiTy eXTenSion Safetyshield 12mm Clear Toughened 500 m2 Sandton 
GReenSTone mAll Safetyshield 12mm Clear Toughened 1 000 m2 Edenvale 
dAnone Laminated Safetyshield 13.52mm Solar E Clear 500mm2 Boksburg 
TeleSuRe/AuTo & GeneRAl BuildinG Thermoshield Solar E Blue Green
Safetyshield Solar E Blue Green
Curved Solar E Blue Green
 Total 2 000 m2 Steyn City – Dainfern 
ReGenT hoTel Safetyshield 8mm & 10mm – Showers 1000 m2 Sandton 
leGendS GolF ReSoRT 8mm Screen Printed On Clear 500 m2 Naboomspruit 
SoCCeR SiTy Balustrades Safetyshield 17.52mm Clear 500 m2 Soweto 
holidAy inn Safetyshield 8mm Clear 300 m2 Roodepoort 
BuSTRuCK Curved Emergency Exit 5mm Grey Screenprinted 250 m2 Jetpark 
SennA mCV RAnGe Safetyshield 5mm Grey Screenprinted Ongoing Kew 
SCienTiFiC enGineeRinG Safetyshield 4mm Low E
Safetyshield 4mm & 5mm Clear
Safetyshield 5mm Grey
 Ongoing Maraisburg 
ShoWeRBizz ShoWRoom Safetyshield 6mm & 8mm Clear Ongoing Atlasville Benoni 
25 WellinGTon RoAd Safetyshield 12mm Clear – Internal Glazing 200 m2 Sandton 
BoTSWAnA hiGh CouRT Safetyshield Eclipse Advantage Evergreen 500 m2 Botswana 
meTRoniCS PhASe 1 & 3 Safetyshield 6mm Solar E Clear Total 5 000 m2 Woodmead 
mTn Bulletshield – 28mm Brg 100 m2 Centurion 
ePSilon Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Grey
Laminated 9.38mm Eclipse Advantage Grey
 Total 3 000 m2 Pretoria Menlyn 
deBSWAnA Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Evergreen
Thermoshield 6mm Clear – Fritted
Colourshield 6mm RAL 7033
 Total 2 000 m2 Gaberone – Botswana 
menlyn mAine Thermoshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Grey
Safetyshield Eclipse Advantage Grey
Colourshield 6mm Low Iron
 Total 2 000 m2 Pretoria – Menlyn 
WAlKeR CReeK Thermoshield 6mm Sunergy Grey 1 000 m2 Centurion 
GeneRAl eleCTRiC Colourshield 6mm Low Iron – White 1 000 m2 Midrand 
PRoJeCT X – ABSA SilVeRTon Sunergy Grey
Colourshield Ral 7016
 Total 2 000 m2 Pretoria 
houGhTon GolF eSTATe Safetyshield 8mm Clear 500 m2 Houghton 
uniVeRSiTy oF PReToRiA Safetyshield 6mm Sunergy Clear
Safetyshield 6mm Sunergy Grey
 Total 1 000 m2 Pretoria
FluoR Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Arctic Blue 1 000 m2 Woodmead 
menlyn CoRneR Safetyshield Eclipse Advantage Grey 1 300 m2 Pretoria 
WATeRFAll hoSPiTAl Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Grey 500 m2 Pretoria 
The FiRS Safetyshield 12mm Clear 200 m2 Sandton 
niColWAy ShoPPinG CenTRe Laminated 12.38mm Clear 500 m2 Bryanston 
BATemAn Safetyshield Eclipse Advantage Grey 500 m2 Edenvale 
RAdiSon hoTel Thermoshield 6mm Solar E Clear 12mm Gap – 4mm Clear 500 m2 Sandton 
TATA ShoWRoom Laminated 6.38mm Clear
Safetyshield 6mm Clear
 500 m2 Angola 
meduPi Thermoshield 6.38mm Solarvue – 12mm Gap – 6.38mm Clear
Colourshield White 6mm
 Total 1 000 m2 Limpopo 
liVinGSTone AiRPoRT Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Arctic Blue 4 000 m2 Zimbabwe 
FAiRSCAPe Safetyshield Eclipse Advantage Blue Green
Colourshield Light Grey
 9 000 m2 Botswana 
SummiT PlACe Solar E Grey Plus 2 000 m2 Sandton 
KATheRine & WeST Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Bronze 1 000 m2 Sandton 
BRyAnSTon oFFiCe PARK PhASe 1 & 2 Eclipse Advantage Grey
Colourshield RAL 2021
 Total 4 000 m2 Bryanston 
22 BRee STReeT Safetyshield Solar E Arctic Blue 4 000 m2 Cape Town 
Silo CAnoPy Laminated Safetyshield 17.52mm – Screen Printed 500 m2 Cape Town 
dunKeld – CAPe JunCTion PRoPeRTieS Thermoshield Sunergy Azur
Colourshield Sunergy Azur + Ral 7001
 Total 700 m2 Dunkeld 
FluXmAnS BuildinG Thermoshield Stopray Vision 50T on Clearvision 3 600 m2 Rosebank 
dePT oF enViRomenTAl AFFAiRS Thermoshield Stopray Vision 50T on Clearvision
Thermoshield Stopray Titanium 37T
 Total 5 500 m2 Pretoria 
noSWAll hAll Colourshield Back Painted Glass Total 500 m2 Braamfontein 
15 AliCe lAne AnneX Thermoshield Sunergy Grey
Thermoshield Cool-Lite St 136 + Colourshield
 2 000 m2
6 500 m2
90 GRAySTon Safetyshield Low E – Double Skin Facade
Safetyshield Low E 8mm Laminated 10.38mm
 Total 5 500 m2 Sandton 
GRouP 5 – neW heAd oFFiCe Thermoshield Solar E Plus Blue Green
Colourshield Spandrels
 Total 2 500 m2 Woodmead 
BylSBRidGe BuildinG 11 Safetyshield Eclipse Advantage Grey
Safetyshield Clear Low E
Colourshield Basic White
 Total 4 000 m2 Pretoria 
Cell C Colourshield Spandrels 800 m2 Woodmead 
dB SChenKeR Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Grey
Thermoshield Stopsol Classic Grey
 Total 1 800 m2 Witfontein (Kemptonpark) 
inneS ChAmBeRS Thermoshield Stopray Vision 36T
Bulletshield – Bullet Resistant Glass
 Total 3 000 m2 Johannesburg 
SeCundA mAll Safetyshield Solar E Clear
Safetyshield 12mm Clear Fins
 1 600 m2 Secunda 
TWP – neW heAd oFFiCe Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Evergreen
Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Blue Green
Thermoshield Solar E Arctic Blue
Thermoshield Solar E Plus Blue Green
Thermoshield Solar E Evergreen
Colourshield – Spandrel Several Colours
 Vision Total 3 500 m2
Spandrel 1 000 m2
 Melrose Arch 
uniTRAnS (STeinhoF) Thermoshield Sunguard Neutral 60
Thermoshield Sunguard Neutral 60 + Colourshield
Canopy – Sunergy Neutral
 1 000 m2
200 m2
hSTC – WiTS uniVeRSiTy Thermoshield Grey 3 000 m2 Johannesburg 
44 GRAnd CenTRAl Laminated Solar E Clear
Laminated Solar E Grey
 Total 2 400 m2 Midrand 
SAndTon SKye BuildinG 1 Sunergy Bronze
Colourshield – Back Painted Glass
Safetyshield 10mm Acid Etched Glass
 Total 8 000 m2 Sandton 
PoRTSide 13.52mm Clear Laminate 1 000 m2 Cape Town 
66 GRAySTon Sunergy Clear
Sunergy Grey
Colourshield Ral 7016
 120 m2
300 m2
160 m2
CRAdleSTone mAll 12mm & 15mm Clear 4.2M Fins 350 Fins Ruimsig 
dSTV Thermoshield Stopray Vision 50T On Clearvision With Frit
Safetyshield & Laminated Safetyshield Fins 19mm + 25mm
 Total 3500 m2 Randburg 
ReWARdSCo Solar E Clear
Solar E Grey
Colourshield White on Clear
Colourshield White on Low Iron Clear
Colourshield Ral 7016
 Total 2 800 m2 Durban 
SAndTon ToWeRS Laminated 8.38mm Sunergy Clear 10 000 m2 Sandton
Laminated S10 Silver 1 000 m2   
BylS BRidGe BuildinG 9 Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Grey
Colourshield Ral 7016
 1 700 m2
420 m2
eCo GlAdeS 7.38mm Grey Low E 500 m2 Centurion 
meRRimAn Eclipse Advantage Arctic Blue
Glass Processing For SIGU’S
 20 000 m2 Cape Town 
3 hoWiCK CloSe Thermoshield Stopray Grey 25 T
Colourshield – Tempver Grey
 3 500 m2
600 m2
 Cape Town 
66 GRAySTon Safetyshield Sunergy Grey
Safetyshield Sunergy Clear
Colourshield Ral 7016
 700 m2
700 m2
300 m2
mAJeSTiC Safetyshield 6mm Sunergy Grey 600 m2 Johannesburg 
neW ToWn JunCTion Safetyshield 6mm Sunergy Grey 2 500 m2 Johannesburg 
CoSmo mAll Safetyshield Fins 10mm
Laminated 6.76mm Clear
 100 m2
1 000 m2
FoReST hill ShoPPinG CenTRe Safetyshield Fins 12mm 125 m2 Centurion 
ViRGin ACTiVe melRoSe ARCh Safetyshield 10mm Acid Etched 100 m2 Melrose Arch – Jhb 
eXXARo Thermoshield Cool-Lite SKN 154 II
Colourshield Spandrel Ral TBA
 Current 2 000 m2
Total 17 000 m2
lAKeVieW Safetyshield 6mm Sunergy Grey 1 000 m2 Roodepoort 
PeGASuS menlyn mAine Colourshield Ral 7021 1 000 m2 Pretoria 
SummiT PlACe Safetyshield 6mm Solar E Plus Grey
Colourshield Ral 7021, Ral 7018
 2 000 m2
1 000 m2
FiRe & iCe – PRoTeA hoTel Safetyshield 6mm Solar E Plus Grey
Laminated 9.38mm Solar E Plus Grey
 600 m2 Pretoria 
BRyAnSTon 3 Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Grey
Colourshield Ral 7021
 2 000 m2
1 000 m2
ACAdemiC hoSPiTAl Safetyshield 12mm Cool-Lite ST 108
Thermoshield SIGU Cool-Lite ST 420 6-12-6mm
 1 000 m2
300 m2
dTCi – deBSWAnA Eclipse Advantage Evergreen
Thermoshield Clear Outer With Colourshield 6mm White Frit
Soundshield 8.76mm
Soundshield 11.76mm
Bulletshield 28mm
Colourshield Ral 7033
 500 m2 Botswana 
dunKeld Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Grey 6mm – 12mm Gap – 4mm Clear
Safetyshield 6mm Sunergy Azur
Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Grey
 500 m2
900 m2
900 m2
85 GRAySTon Thermoshield with Black Colourshield 1 000 m2 Sandton 
noRVATiS Laminated 10.38mm Solar E Clear
Safetyshield 6mm Solar E Clear
Thermoshield Cool-Lite SKN 155
 450 m2
250 m2
1 400 m2
 Waterfall Estate Midrand 
BylS BRidGe BuildinG 9 Safetyshield Solar E With Frit Pattern 800 m2 Centurion 
nedBAnK Colourshield 6mm RAL 7022 600 m2 KZN 
ATRium on 5Th Colourshield 6mm RAL 7010 300 m2 Sandton 
BAnK oF luSAKA Laminated Pink Reflective Glass 1 140 m2 Zambia 
dhl Laminated 7.38mm Sunergy Bronze 250 m2 Kempton Park 
moTlASAnA mAll Safetyshield 12mm Clear
Laminated 16.38mm Fins
 60 m2
100 m2
heidelBeRG mAll Laminated 16.38mm Fins 350 m2 Heidelberg 
houSe oF JonKeR Thermoshield 6mm Stopsol Classic Grey – 12mm gap – 6mm low E 400 m2 Waterfall Estate Midrand 
niCol mAine Safetyshield 6mm Eclipse Advantage Grey 800 m2 Sandton 
FiReBlAde Thermoshield Eclipse Advantage Blue Green 1 000 m2 Bonero park